Ice-cream and sorbet specialists, Delicious World Corp employed 11 staff members in 1996, carrying out its production in a small production unit of just a few hundred square meters.

1998 – Delicious World sets up its new Factory, now covering over 9000m2, in industrial zone near Boulogne-sur-Mer, France.

With over 200 employees Delicious World has extended its range of products, from iced desserts to top-of-the-range frozen pastries and cakes. Adding the touch of pleasure which follows the essential, pastries and desserts are vital elements within the art of French cookery. Delicious World Corp. continually concocts the delicious new sweets of tomorrow, using traditional recipes and ingredients, thus perpetuating a time-honored cultural heritage.

With Clients all around the world, from Japan to Dubai, Corporation just opened their new warehouse in New York USA in November 2011, in addition an office and warehouse in Toronto Canada in March 2012. By the end of the second quarter we will present our products to CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), which will begin with offices in Russia and Ukraine for convenience of our foodservice and retail clients.

Delicious World products are well worth taking a look at.

The cake....beneath the icing, that’s Delicious World’s all-consuming passion!